The Phone Tap Series: Record a Verse, Get Free Promo, without even Hitting the Studio!

31 Phone Taps So Far. Are you next?

Question for you ill emcees: How would you like free promotion?

In conjunction with my Model 31 Project, I've started the Model 31 Phone Tap Series, which you can consider a mixtape of sorts, but with a twist.

If you've listened to any of the beats on the weekly videos and if any give you the urge to start freestyling or writing a quick verse (not necessarily to make a song but just for the sake of dropping dope verses), then we can make a quick way for you to record that verse without ever stepping foot into a studio! I'll even post the verse, properly mixed with that beat on the MsP YouTube and SoundCloud!

How? Just let me know what number beat you would like to spit on, either on here, or on the MsP YouTube, MsP Soundcloud, MsP Twitter, or MsP Facebook Fan Page, and I will send you a passable version of the beat as an mp3 (no "MsP", "Sample Test" tags). All you have to do is play the beat on your laptop/desktop out loud, and record yourself dropping the verse on your smartphone (Voice Memo on iPhone, for example). Once you're done, just e-mail me the verse and I'll take care of the rest. I'll mix the verse you send me on a properly mixed and mastered version of the beat. Another option is to play the beat out loud on your laptop/desktop and video yourself on your webcam (of course that wouldn't be a "phone tap," but no one has to know lol), then e-mail me the video.

Here are the emcees so far who have participated:

You can find all of the released Model 31 beats to date by either clicking here or going to the Model 31playlist on YouTube. Once you've found the beat you want, contact me through any of the MsP social media accounts above with the number and your e-mail address and we'll get started!

As an added bonus, if this turns out to be a hit (i'd say at least 20 takers), I want to run a contest in which the top 3 voted verses will get a free lease of the beat they spit on.

So if you're ready to work, so am I. =] Let's get it! I'm looking forward to your best verses.


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