The MsP Production Vault

If you're like us, then you've probably googled many times for different samples, sounds, VST effects, VSTi's, DX effects, or whatever else you can get your hands on to help you get that particular sound you are looking for in your production.

To help you aspiring producers (and even those established ones who are looking for more stuff), every week I will post some stuff from our vaults over here, free for download! Of course, I won't be able to help you guys much in the ways of getting free software (google, rapidshare, *ahem*) that shouldn't be free, but I'll try to provide anything I can. =]

PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT for any of the sounds that I offer here in the vault unless I specifically say that I made the sounds. These are all sounds that I've either searched for and found for free or given to me by other producers. I'm just lending a centralized location so that producers have a go-to spot for some free sounds. If there are any issues in regards to the sounds you find here, please e-mail to let me know.

If I find out that anything that I have up can still be bought by the original creator I will take it down. I have taken down a number of the drum sets and synths I have up due to this and will continue to do so to keep the vault clean. I'm not looking to take money out of anybody's pockets, I just want to help producers out.

To keep up with the production vault, make sure you sign up for the MsP Mailing List to get weekly updates on MsP news, song releases, blog updates, and what the vault is offering for the week!


Here are some relevant tutorials for FL Studio that may help you:

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dBlue Glitch demonstration on FLStudio [video]
Keep coming back every Wednesday for more samples!