09 - Circles

Music/Lyrics: MooN ShynE
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: MooN ShynE
Features: n/a
Recorded: 2012


I've always that had this philosophy, that people find themselves in recurring bad situations. Usually it's a sequence of events that repeats under different circumstances and people don't usually see that until going through the same steps a few times. I call these cycles "circles." To get out of the bad situation they are in, they need to "break" the circle.

In the song there are three particular situations, each with a different circle. The first is someone who keeps going into relationships with people that aren't good for them. The second is about a compulsive gambler who ends up losing everything including their family after denying any gambling and a bookie comes to collect. The third is about a drug addict who has tremendous potential but has let their lives go. In each case, "breaking the circle," would set them free.

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