02 - Mostly Boast

Music/Lyrics: MooN ShynE
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: MooN ShynE
Features: n/a
Recorded: 2008


This was a breakout song for me, where I decided to throw the rule book out of the window and do different things. Part of the influence here was "Hip-Hop is Dead" by Nas, where the beat was a little faster than normal, but not fast enough to go double time, and the notion that hip-hop as is had died.

After starting with the unconventional beat, I started doing things I wouldn't normally do as long on tracks as long as it felt right. The use of the Missy sample ("I don't brag I mostly boast") came about when the cabasas I used matched perfectly with the sample and it worked out. Since I had been a guitarist since I was 13, I figured why not put some of that in there? The distorted guitar backing gave the beat some more beef during the verses, and the four bars right before the guitar solo I did during the bridge was a Beatles move from Twist and Shout.

After the guitar solo, I would bring it back to hip-hop by using an old school sounding break to get people back into the hip-hop side.

This song was the start of me getting into the mode of breaking my songs up a bit and putting a bridge in a song to give more variety rather than doing three straight verses with choruses in between with no breaks or significant changes in between.
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