09 - Go Crazy feat. Boy Gnyus, Less f.k.a. Black Ceazer, and Harmony Speaks f.k.a. tRe' sTeeLo

Lyrics: MooN ShynE, Less f.k.a. Black Ceazer and Harmony Speaks f.k.a. tRe' sTeeLo
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: Boy Gnyus and MooN ShynE
Features: Boy Gnyus, Less and Harmony Speaks
Recorded: 2005


Another posse track, this one came about when Boy Gnyus came to me with this drumbeat with the sample heard on the hook of the song. I loved it, and decided to strip out just one line to keep it from being a love song. From there, we formulated the introduction, then I went back to the original song this was sampled from and cut up the sample for the verse using the "Bleeding Heaven" method.

Conceptually, this was a song about the feeling you get as an artist when you hear a beat or instrumental and the creativity starts to flow almost instantly and makes you "go crazy."

With the 5Families crew starting to ramp up (and the subsequent performances at the Bergenfield Festival and the Filipino Fiesta), this became the 5Families anthem.
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