13 - What If Your Heart Could Speak

Music/Lyrics: MooN ShynE
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: DJ a-One
Features: n/a
Recorded: 2003


This was my first song as MooN ShynE. While browsing for beats during the MP3.com days, I found this beat, and it inspired me to finally break out. Prior to this beat, I wasn't too sure if I wanted to rap anymore after the group broke up. This was the song that started it for me. I also apologize for the bad grammar in the title.
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Verse 1:

Raised in Nu Jeru with a mic in my hand
The MooN ShynE comin in representin the common man
I'm a regular kid, no bling and no cash
But I come with rhythm make ya bob ya head to whiplash

Always for the music, always for the rhyme, always come ill
Three rules to go by when it's time to do the drill
Poet with my heart for an ink cartridge
Drop knowledge flow constant with no nonsense

Stay positive, I write my own book of life
Came a long way since the fateful day I drew that knife
But it's been hot ever since, trippin on this music biz
And I picked up a pen and planned to be the illest lyricist

To figure I'd be spittin on an actual beat was kinda crazy
But God is kinda funny, grateful for the way he saved me
So I look up, show Him peace and recite an Our Father
Show him love, keep the faith even when the times are harder
Present day, still writin, now flippin on the scores
The D.i.c.K. crew member now opening new doors
Let's give it another shot, and show people how it's done
Spark the beat with your verbal, turn it up and show the love


What would your heart say if your heart could speak
Mad love for God, my girl, my fam, my friends indeed
What else would it say if your heart could speak
My blood'll shed first before they shed a tear, nahmean?

And what would your heart say it cherishes the most?
Givin up the love to all those who deserve it all
Anything else you wanna say before we move along?
It's a strong heart that beats strong that beats them all

Verse 2:

Peace to the fam, my friends, my baby star
And every single one of y'all who helped me make it this far
Where would the ShYnE be peeps, without all of you
I'd be going nowhere fast, maybe find me on a noose

But never that, no more the ShYnE is now smiling
The sad times behind and this is why I'm writing
Standing on my own two feet with my own identity
Destiny'll take care of me, take me up when He is ready

Steady pacing life, smell the roses and grab them as you run
Take a sniff and play while you watch the setting of the sun
Sun set doesn't mean the sun won't dawn the next day
So if today wasn't great tomorrow's a clean slate

Just remember every minute is another minute passed
As another minute passes, another chance'll pass
So keep your head up and keep your eyes open
Cuz many will be called but only few will be chosen



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