09 - We Roll feat. Flight and Harmony Speaks f.k.a. tRe' sTeeLo

Lyrics: MooN ShynE, Flight and Harmony Speaks f.k.a. tRe' sTeeLo
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: MooN ShynE
Features: Flight and Harmony Speaks f.k.a. tRe' sTeeLo
Recorded: 2002


In an attempt to do a posse track, Harmony Speaks (at the time known as tRe' sTeeLo) and Flight joined me on this one. We did this track on the same day we recorded "Dynamite."

Flight wrote the hook. During the hook, when Flight and I go "We see all the ladies smiling," you can hear Harmony go "Ladies, la la la la la la" because it would seem funny for Harmony to shout the ladies like Flight and I were.

Swiss Beatz was an influence on this beat, hence the synth horns.
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Verse 1 [MooN ShynE]:

Ey yo it's MooN ShynE, tRe', my lil' sister and Flight
We lightin' up the night, rollin' up in the ride
We gonna club, doin it up, holla if you down
Loungin', me in V.I.P., we easily the best around

All the ladies, sway them hips when you hear the beat
To be with me you gotta be the type I like to meet, we talkin'
Nice figure, face is pretty, never talkin' dollas
Honesty is policy, you ride with me? Do what you gotta

Verse 2 [Flight]:

Ey yo I keep hot fashioned, but I always stay polite
Like we do with all the glory when we're standin' at the mic, kid
Keep it calm, like we sippin' on a strong proof
About to get it on with the hottest b*tch, all truth

No lie, this girl's got the finest size
She be mesmerizing thugs with her ass and fine thighs
When she rides she's a hot thing, sex with her's exciting
Anything we do is like a dream, believe Flight, fiend


We roll with the ride that's stylin'
We do all the sh* that's fly, and
We see all the ladies smilin' (Ladies, la da da da da da)
With you, we keep bustin' rhymes and

And all you who want the
Real hot shit you gotta
Scream harder, scream harder
Keep yellin', you got it

Verse 3 [Flight]:

I got a hardcore whip on some hardcore shit
When we roll with the crew, we be rollin real quick, like
We got time to dine and look slick, like
Every lady in the house want the dick, right

Got the shit that make your face light, honey, ma
You look too good to give a f*ck about money, sike
When we out, we be golden like the light from a candle
We be rollin in the Benz with shaved handles, and

Verse 4 [tRe' sTeeLo]:

Nu Jeru be the place to be, to spot the
Finest ladies y'all ever seen, believe me
tRe' the hunnie styled in Gucci
Lady Enyce, diamond chain and rings

One fine ass, with high class, girls cry when they see that
Their man look at me like tRe' the only thing in sight
Don't hate on me, don't envy, you phony, frontin' friendly
Don't make me get my peoples if you tempt me now, holla at me


Verse 5 [MooN ShynE]:

Reppin' the best of the best, Nu Jeruz we duelin' to the death
Lyricist illest caliber, towerin' over the rest
MooN ShynE see you wilin' out, hands up, what we're about
Hear me out, rack it up man without a doubt

Bump this (turn it up) ride with this (light it up)
Rippin' hatas (mic it up) mess with us? (smarten up)
The mic arsonist lockin' emcees up in figure eights
Laugh at your jokes, you're the only one laughin' anyways

At any rate the way we take this game is straight forward
Day to day we slay em hatas until it's game over
This is the anthem, smack em rappers askin for it
Recordin' forceful lyrics, kick it in war with a sharp finish

The mic wizard, with tRe' and Flight vicious
Known to light fires on New York state bridges
The album Neolyrical on everybody's wish list
People at Virgin's in line buyin it for Christmas



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