02 - Super Saiyan

Music/Lyrics: MooN ShynE
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: MooN ShynE
Features: n/a
Recorded: 2003


A Dragon Ball inspired song mixing a multi-syllable technique with metaphors using Dragon Ball references (piccolo, green with envy, i.e.). The beat was sampled from a violin Nocturne by Chopin.
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Verse 1:

.. MooN ShynE's comin' through

Blindin', lyrics shinin' in a light of ultraviolet
Weild the scythe of rhyme swingin' counter-clockwise at the eyes slicin'
Paralyze your back attack right for the spine, and I'll be
Laughin' at the fact that you can't rap if your life depended on it

Defense is open, comatosin' cats with aphrodisiacs
For battle raps and packed with poison potions that lead to cardiac
Arrest, you got the right to remain silent
It'll save you from embarassment, and harassin me to rhyme again

I'll light the mic again for nothing short of just the love of it
Ya microphone I covet only way I break the ten commandments
You're at the average, at the average of being whack
And fact you couldn't measure up if you spit enough to fill the grand canyon

So never feel ya even near to what my level is
I'll spit kame-ha-meha that'll make a super-saiyan jealous
I got cats from Planet Namek who wanna put me in a lab
And figure out the algorithms of my rhythm blast


:: M-Double-O-N :: I don't give a f*ck ::
:: Come around my way and I'll maim a hater for that weak sh*t ::
:: MooN ShynE is wicked :: Recordin' forceful lyrics ::
:: Someone snaps a finger, and just as fast I snap a neck ::

Who you think you messin with? Messin with one of rap's elite
I'll leave a kid decapitated standing on his own two feet
So when you see me level up, it's time to run
It's like Goku doin... (KA ME HA ME HA.. )

Verse 2:

... there is no question how I run it
Duck from fireballs, and teleport to hit you from above
I run up on you with agility and quickness
Rip it till I finish em' and disconnect their thinking caps right from their

Solarplexes, definitely representin'
My art is martial arts, chargin when I dash and gash ya chest with
Penmanship, ya blood is drippin down
A sound of bones crackin, roads smashin, leave nuthin present but a mushroom cloud

Illuminescent, I'll leave you guessin where I'm headed
P's mixtape fireworkin days of Independence
This joint is fire, risin high above the hataz
Bump it now or lataz, razor bladin fakaz through your car speakers

Cats are like Piccolo, they green with envy
You dare to try and test me I'll go Super-Saiyan level 3
I'll supersede ya peak, techniques you try on me are weak
Ya bleedin out ya nostrils, possibly you'll be pronounced deceased


Verse 3:

I'll cause the halo on your head
Your dead, you now expect Dende to resurrect you from the depths
But I'll erase you from existence with no trace of life
I know more ways to die, you pay the price if you try to step to mine

I'll destroy the earth like Maijin Buu without no effort
So you best believe the best'll leave emcees with heads severed
Forever potent, never blowin when I flow
Seein me is like tryin to see the Emperor's New Clothes



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