07 - Stakes are High [M-Double-O-N]

Music/Lyrics: MooN ShynE
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: MooN ShynE
Features: n/a
Recorded: 2002


I wanted to do something a little catchy, so I took this beat that had a bit of a west coast Dr. Dre influence, and came up with the hook. I thought it was cool to use the N-E at the end of my name and use it as part of the word "anybody."

Another interesting thing about this song is that the version that was released was actually pitched a half step up from the original because it sounded better to me after testing it out.


M Double O-N, S-H-Y
N-E body's game when the stakes are high
M Double O-N, S-H-Y
N-E body ride to this track tonight

M Double O-N, S-H-Y
N-E body's game when the stakes are high
M Double O-N, S-H-Y
N-E body ride to this track tonight

Verse 1:

Here I go now, flow now, ready to bring the show down
M-Double-O-N, ready to take control now
It's crazy, Neolyrical, never shady
Comin' strapped, maybe, maybe not but lately

Save me from this stress test given by God
Through music I display my feelings out raw
I slaughter thoughts of givin' up my fondest dreams
And modesty is policy, and honesty's always part of me

Comraderie, always with my friends, chillin' in the cut
We comin' up, reppin' New Jeruz, push to shove
Chillin' like the riddler, makin' people think
Hittin' 'em with anything and everything including the kitchen sink

I'm lethal like that, always feelin' like that
Sealin' up the traps to catch you peoples feelin' me back
It's undeniable, my rhymables is makin' people talkin'
Rhythm is a dancer, and I mos def see it C-Walkin

Come on peoples, we chillaxin' to the utmost
We doin this up close and personal 'til your gut smokes
M Double O-N S-H-Y
Everybody vibe and ride to this tonight


Verse 2:

So I see the heads bobbin', party's already rockin'
Girls on their jocks and clubs already knockin'
Don't have to be 18 and over to enjoy this
No way to avoid it, kid I'm on a beat to destroy it

Pop the Cris or Corona, Smirnoff Ice if you wanna
NJ to California all the way down to Florida
Out on the corner or in the crib smokin' marijuana
Cross the Verazanna, got ya heated like a sauna

I'm out of order, you may not need any of that
Just a fat ass to get on the floor ready to dance
Ish is wild man, flip Styles like the Lox doin' cartwheels
If a chick's equivalent to two nickels I'mma cop feels

But if none of these apply there ain't no need to cry
Bump this in the ride with subwoofers amplified
This is how we gonna fly, on the Parkway doin a buck
Not givin' a flyin' fuck about 5-0's hidin' in the cut, what


Verse 3:

East coast reps to the west coast reps
Down the Dirty South stretch and to the Midwest
MooN ShynE'll rock a microphone, on or off the dome
Holla at ya boi, when you see him take it home

This is how we doin' it, the stakes are high? Count on it
I'll be rappin' it until my lyrics rival Canibus
Or Eminem battlin' or Nastradamus iLLmatic
Never semi-automatics, just fast synapses

Rockin' stages proper for the audience's approval
I'm comin' through shootin' truth through verbal capsules
Smashin' individuals or crews, handle mines
You couldn't rip me if I'm rhymed perforated lines

You'll either battle me or ask of me just to know
How he makes his beats or hang on streets with his flow
ShynE does it all for y'all by givin' a piece of me
So when you quote a rhyme or bob your head, you'll be thinkin' about me

Ridin' down the highway with my clique intact
Ready to start attackin' in packs, if we snap you best step back
So think twice before you ever step to me
M Double O-N, S-H-Y-N-E, what



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