15 - I OWN YOU

Music/Lyrics: MooN ShynE
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: MooN ShynE
Features: n/a
Recorded: 2002


I wanted a make a song that was very aggressive; a beat that hit hard and lyrics to match. The goal was to make it so that if you were to hear it, it would hype you up and give you energy and confidence; an adrenaline rusher.

The beat is another Bach sample, and I cut it up using what I call the "Bleeding Heaven" method. When I was still with the group, I made a solo song called "Bleeding Heaven" where in the beat small sections of a melodic sample were cut (usually either an eighth or quarter note) and echoed to fill a bar.
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Verse 1:

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix reborn
Wings spread valiantly lashing fire to all
The MooN ShynE holds power within him like Bishop does
Unleash the inner spirit, cast a fireball and rip it up

There is nobody better, no one more qualified
Perform assassinations investigators rule a suicide
My rhymes precise cut like diamond Ginsu knives
I spit three rhymes that could split one hair three times

I'm the one they call when it's Defcon Six kid
The one man army that never misses targets
Detonate with strength like nuke warheads
I'm the one they call when reinforcements need reinforcements

Cowards genuflect with respect when I inject my
Lyrics in your blood and you react in retrospect
This is no contest, I was sent to end game
So surrender, white flag, y'all be saying m name cuz


(I) dominate the game
(OWN) emcees all the same
(YOU) look to me for guidance styling the way you wish you rhyming

(I) blow out the competition
(OWN) everyone's attention
(YOU) try to step, you know I rep this shit right to the death

Verse 2:

For ages I've been hidden, waiting for a time to strike
To go unleash a very much needed smashing from the mic
Hold my rifle, trifling bithches will now be knifed up in ditches
Snitches innocent or guilty will burn from pyro-spit lyrics

Shit is vicious, rearrange your cells from the molecular level and sever your cerebellum
Straight from your head contents to deaden nonsense
A cerebral assassin mass attacking your logic

I know your next move before your brain begins to think it
I'll kill all your sailors before I take your battleship and sink it
You think this is a game, arcade, get your Starter cap
Play with big offensive lines no way you'll get a quarter back

I don't give a fuck if you're the muthafuckin president
I'm here to set the precedent and wreck your best in penmanship
Your death is evident, decimate them into sediments
Unless they step the fuck off this buzzsaw will be beheading them


Verse 3:

You'll hear my name said in all four corners of
Every single household I will take control of
I will never know enough, I will always stay above
I will stay ahead of y'all and pave the way for those to come

MooN ShynE tears it, bring your best and find them bested
Flesh wounds gashing out the blood of victims
The best lyricist crowned on Mount Olympus
Thinking you got a shot is utter bullshit and ridiculous

You will never see another rock a mic as flawless
With raw shit, flippin potent lyrical, no soft shit
I will live hip-hop music life long
I will stay triumphant, true shit, mic strong

I own you, remember who's the one who fathered you
Before you ever step to me remember I will rock you
I will always top you, the one who'll always stop you
MooN ShynE reigns king, fuck all of you doubters too

(Hook 2x)

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