04 - Dynamite feat. Doc L (f.k.a. Flight)

Lyrics: MooN ShynE and Flight
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: MooN ShynE
Features: Flight
Recorded: 2002


This was the first track Flight (f.k.a. Doc L) and I worked on since our old rap group broke up. It was cool to work with Flight again, and since Flight was always about his flow and multi-syllable scheme, we decided to put on a flow workshop and really get it in. The ending of the hook was something we both joked about but left it in because it sounded catchy. As far as the intro goes, it was an homage to DJ Clue and his echo signature.

The beat uses a cut up sample from a Bach concerto with pitched stabs from a Beethoven symphony.
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Yo it's ShYnE and Flight again, writin' and rhymin' again
Rise to light dynamite on the mic again
Fly when we write and when we spit shit tight and then
Dah, da-da-dah, da-da-dah, da-da-dah, da-dah

Verse 1 [Flight]:

If you ever think your shit don't stink, you better take a bigger whiff
'Cause after this, I'mma have your head in shit and watch you choke to death
Your breath is harsh and from the start your rhymes are so off
They need a million nukes to hit the charts to ever take off

I'll tape you to the floor again and watch your shit your drawers again
Bustin out a squeal that'll make your soul feel like you're born again
If you ever want to test my flight, I'll break your arms and take your life
Beat your head 'til I feel right, comin' at you like a poltergeist

Verse 2 [MooN ShynE]:

Lyrically you're lost kid if ya think you're spittin raw shit
In battlin, ya battin'z below the average when you toss shit
I'm the lord of this, recordin verses with a purpose
Burn em with a torch and molotovs when they've heard the chorus

Ya can't ignore us, when we light the mic like dynamite
Ya light like carbon fiber, rhymin fossilized like stegasaurus
It's MistaH MooN, triggerin the boom, riddlin
I'm fixing tomb for your demise the night you try to test with garbage


Verse 3 [MooN ShynE]:

Kickin' knowledge, regardless, race, color, creed
Bred from veterans, for the betterment of true emcees
True indeed, repeatedly I beat ya senseless
Or better yet, I wreck ya, leave ya like the Coors and leave you Breathless

Who wanna test this testament of death and wreck
My intellect will split you into sediments with sentiments and die
Mortified, ya rhymes ain't stella no matter what you say
To get your groove back you need to have one in the first place

Verse 4 [Fight]:

Don't test my lyrics spoken, I'll hit hard until I'm broken
With the power of a mountain crackin' down into the ocean
Rhymin' while your lurkin', with more time to win, for certain
If you ever try to kill me, I'll bite back in large proportions

Like a Porsche's tires smokin' (We put crowds in large commotion!)
If I ever take the potion, I'll take charge like U.S. coaches
Plantin's bombs with rabbit hoses, partin' oceans like I'm Moses
Give you notice when I'm hopin', Flight ain't open for no jokin'

(Hook 2x)


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