08 - A Night to Remember [feat. K-Maculate]

Lyrics: MooN ShynE and K-Maculate
Producer: MooN ShynE
Beat: MooN ShynE
Features: K-Maculate
Recorded: 2002


After going to Webster Hall and having a good time, I wanted to make a club track. This one has a bit of reggae influenced into it, and I wanted to simulate a party atmosphere as much as possible.
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(Awww Shiet!) Come and get it on
Tell a chick it's on, and dance 'til the break of dawn
(Awww Shiet!) You know she feelin' every minute of it
Sensual and sexually lovin' it

(Awww Shiet!) Partyin' or clubbin'
Holla when you feel it rubbin, holla if it leads to somethin'
(Awww Shiet!) Ladies better show the fellas
Why this night'll be one to remember, so...

Verse 1 [MooN ShynE]:

Standin' at the bar, chillin' with ya boys
Admirin' all the women fiendin' for a little joy
See that shorty bangin' to the left, hip-twistin'
Feelin' how she dippin' with the lick to her lips, and

Oh how she moves it, fine ain't the word, kid
This girl got the world watchin' every movement
The way the body shake, showin' off the curves nicely
Side to side, back it up, think this girl would ride me?

I know you checkin' her, dismiss steppin' to her
This one's all mine, I'mma get ahead to her
We gonna flow to the music, poetry in motion
Forget the X, the ecstacy's in her emotions

Take her on a high on adrenaline drive
And tonight she gonna fly with her arms in the sky
I'mma get my hands on and feel up the hourglass
Make her feel so nice she won't realize how many hours passed


Verse 2 [K-Maculate]:

My hands on her back, caressin' down her body
I'm goin south, and they don't bother nobody
I'm just the K-Maculate on the girl
And when I grab the girl, I make sure it's right

And time's a wastin', you can grab her waist and
Measure with my necklace twenty-four inches
And if she's not the type to get on the floor
Then shit on my lap shorty, and talk to Santy Clause

But you better make a wish that involves me
Some Bacardi, small panties and a whole lot of pussy
I'm the kind of man that won't hurt your feelings
Just bring me to your home and show me female siblings, yo

(Hook 2x)


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