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.: The February 23, 2011 Edition :.


More video planning, with a Black and Blue Ink. coming in a few weeks! There is also a new tutorial for FL Studio users in the blog, and as always, the Production Vault update. =]

.: Quick News Tidbits :.


Short list of what's happened this week and what's coming up:

  • Look for a Black and Blue Ink. video, which will start filming in a week or two! We're going to be doing Beast with the Writtens off of the latest from the BBI, "The Lyricist Manifesto."
  • FoRcE oNe has some tracks in the works.
  • DiMpLeZ contribution to Roll Call '10, a clubby house track, is being worked on.
  • The last track for ADM's upcoming album, "Chamber Waves," a collaboration with MooN ShynE, is in the process of being completed.
  • Both the Destiny Soprano and Kim Pingul tracks are still being worked on.

.: The MsP Blog :.


.: The MsP Production Vault :.


Continuing on with the Classic Breakbeat Loop Series, this one has another 100 classic breakbeats, including James Brown staples like "Funky Drummer" and others, and also one of the most often used and well-known breakbeats of all time, "Impeach the President" by The Honeydrippers.

There's also some from Isaac Hayes, Funkadelic, Kool and the Gang, and more.

Get to it boom-bappers! More funky hip-hop classic dopeness to come next week.

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