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.: The November 24, 2010 Edition :.


Happy Thanksgiving! It's been a busy week on the website side, with a new beat, a tutorial, and the Production Vault update. =]

.: Quick News Tidbits :.


Short list of what's happened this week and what's coming up:

  • MsP tracks are now on! Check here!
  • I've put together a tutorial for those who need help installing simple DLL based VSTi's in FLStudio. You can check that here!
  • A new Black and Blue Ink. song is being worked on. Only two songs until the album is finished!
  • A new beat is up, Grab the Cannon. This one goes real hard, so if you want something to go in on, this is the beat for you!
  • Both the Destiny Soprano and Kim Pingul tracks are still being worked on.

.: The MsP Blog :.


.: The MsP Production Vault :.


If you can't afford turntables, or can't get your record on vinyl to scratch, and you need to scratch vocals, AnalogX Scratch is the app for you. Courtesy of the good folks at AnalogX, this app allows you to load in 2 mono .wav files (one for looping, one for scratching). You can then record one or the other or both. You scratch by clicking and dragging your mouse on the wave shown playing on the interface. Once you've recorded your scratches (they come out in .wav format), you can do with them as you wish at that point.

Boom-bap producers who can't afford turntables, your welcome. =]

For an example, you can check out the most recent Black and Blue Ink. song we did, "Wordsmiths". The scratch of my boy Flight's vocals were done in this app.

Get it today in the Production Vault!

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