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.: The October 27, 2010 Edition :.


New beat, hitting up college radio stations, and as always, the production vault update!

.: Quick News Tidbits :.


Short list of what's happened this week and what's coming up:

  • A new beat was released for purchase/lease as part of the bi-weekly beat section update, called Never Mind What They Say. It's a nice sampled beat that's a bit reminiscent of Jay-Z's Blueprint I album.
  • Submissions for college radio stations went out this week, and hopefully we can get some feedback and/or (hopefully) airplay.
  • Destiny Soprano will be coming by the studio to work on tracks this Saturday.
  • Kim Pingul's new song, "Heart Invasion," will be worked on soon.

.: The MsP Blog :.


.: The MsP Production Vault :.


The first VSTi from the vault will be the TPS Module. This is a great sounding brass module with some presets that can get you going. If you're a fan of Polow the Don's producing, which has a fair share of brass, you should be able to use this VSTi with the quickness.

What's great about this kit is not only the actual brass sound you get, but you also get different ways the brass is played. There are multiple crescendos (brass starts low in volume and gradually gets louder and fuller with different characteristics) both quick and extended, nice accentuated brass hits with quick release, and you can even choose from individual brass instruments (french horns, trumpets and trombones) or groupings (ensembles, quintets) in those stylings. It's definitely enough to give your beats some added beef.

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