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.: The September 15, 2010 Edition :.


Black and Blue Ink. released a song this past week, and FoRcE oNe is gearing up to record this weekend for Less's contribution to Roll Call '10. ADM also wrote an excellent article in the blog this week on music and how it can contribute to different emotions, and as always, we have this week's Production Vault update!

.: Quick News Tidbits :.


Short list of what's happened this week and what's coming up:

  • "Beast with the Writtens' by Black and Blue Ink. was completed. Click here to listen today!
  • ADM wrote a great article this week, giving his thoughts on how music can affect your emotions. Click here to read.
  • FoRcE oNe's coming to Lunar Base to record his verse for Less's contribution to Roll Call '10. He may also be recording for a solo effort as well.
  • Black and Blue Ink. has more tracks coming soon.
  • CoCoa's new song, "Heart Invasion," will be worked on soon.

.: The MsP Blog :.


.: The MsP Production Vault :.


This week's update is inspired by the legendary Dr. Dre. Another one of my favorite producers, Dre is notorious for that West Coast gangsta funk rap music of the 90's. Interestingly enough, on this kit some of the drums are slightly delayed (in the time sense, not the effect like an echo) to somewhat capture how doc's drums are not always precisely on beat to capture a bit of that head nod flavor.

I am aware that there is a Dre-mendous kit out there, and I haven't verified that these three kits are the same. It would seem likely though since there are 3 volumes in this bundle as well.

At over 700 samples, how can you go wrong? Start working on that bounce today by getting your drum foundation correct.

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