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.: The July 21, 2010 Edition :.


Updates on both the ADM/MooN ShynE mashup and BBI projects, more news on the BBI website, and of course the Production Vault!

.: Quick News Tidbits :.


Black and Blue Ink. has opened their new and improved website, accessible at The redesign now has updated profiles, lyrics, and links to listen to clips and full tracks from the BBI. Make sure you check it out!

In addition, the BBI has also completed their latest track that's going on "The Lyricist Manifesto," called "Scene 2 - The Ink. Tax." This is continuing on with the Scene series they started in the first EP, where they had "Scene 1 - The Seige." Scene 1 took place in the late Medieval Times, and Scene 2 takes place during the revolutionary war with the descendants of King K and Sir ShynE. Visit The BBI Blog to hear this song today.

The ADM/MooN ShynE mashup is still being worked on, aiming to be completed by this Sunday night.

.: The MsP Blog :.


.: The MsP Production Vault :.


After last week's huge set, we have an even bigger set for you guys today. We have the Filthy Drums kit which has a lot of great drum sounds including some hi-hat loops, crashes, percussion, shakers and some tambourines to add on to the necessities of kicks, snares and hats. There's even a specific folder for open hats which should help you producers looking for a good matching open hat to your closed ones.

In addition, I've added more 909's for you old school drum machine types. =]

If the 500+ kit from last week wasn't enough, this 600+ kit should give you some good ammo for your next several productions.

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