Final Words

Music/Lyrics: Kim Pingul
Producer: Kim Pingul and MooN ShynE
Instrumentation: Guitar and vocals by Kim Pingul; Bass, Percussion and Strings by MooN ShynE
Features: n/a
Recorded: 2010


Darker than what you would normally hear from KP, this song was made to get something off her chest.

This is the first song KP and I worked on fully that was mostly written by her. The song was written before I started work on the project, and after she submitted the demo to me, we started to form it into the official released song.

Recording Notes:

Guitar recorded was our in-house Ibanez Acoustic/Electric, using the recording method covered in our blog in this entry.
Bass recorded was our in-house Epiphone Viola Bass, recorded live off an Acoustic brand bass amp with a Shure Beta 52A through a Studio Projects VTB1 Preamp and Samson C-Com16 Compressor
Drums recorded were our in-house Ludwig Drums. Shure Beta 52A on the kick, a Shure SM57 on the snare, and an Audio-Technica 2020 overhead.

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